Grand Rapids Roof Repair and Replacement.

If your roof has experienced storm damage, leaking or is missing shingles, call The Roof Dr. for a quick and easy solution!

Roof Repair

More than half the roofs we inspect don't need replacement. In many cases our certified roof technicians can extend the useful life of a roof with a repair to buy additional time before replacement becomes necessary. A roof will often show wear and tear and even leak well before water stains are visible on the ceiling. Our roof techs will visually inspect your attic space and the entire surface of your roof to determine the cause of such damage. All repair work is perform in a professional a workmanlike manner so you can be confident in the repair process.

Preventative Maintenance

Each type of roof system has its own potential for failure. Understanding the different causes of failure provides us insight into how to properly maintain and extend the life of your roof system. This insight comes from over 20 years of evaluating, repairing and replacing roofs. A well planned preventative maintenance program can help you realize the full life expectancy of your roof system and reduce the need for costly emergency repairs. The Roof Dr. can customize a preventative maintenance program specific to your needs.